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• The inside of the helmet is padded with soft foam that can be adjusted. • NIJ IIIA; V50 ballistic test according STANAG2920, 17 grains 720 m/sec • EN397 certified, which gives an excellent shock absorption against bullet impact in head and neck • Designed according to the latest US military standards, which provides protection against the most advanced weapons. • Possible to adjust the helmet. • The weight of the helmet is 1.45 kg (incl. front shroud and side rail) • Manufactured in Twaron Aramid from Teijin. • Size L. (54-60 cm) XL (60+) • Accessories can be attached on the rail system. • 5 year warranty • MADE IN DENMARK
This ballistic helmet is made with high cut which provides space for communication and hearing protection equipment. ARCH (Accessory Rail Combat Helmet) is made after according to the latest military standards and allows you to attach accessories on the rail and front shroud in the form of: O2 mask, COMs headset, weapon lights, video camera, side protection, visor, strobe lights, night vision, GoPro camera and more. at a weight of only 1.15 kg (without helmet side rails and front shroud) you get a light weight ballistic helmet, that isnt heavy and bulky to wear. The bullet proof helmet is made of Ballistic Twaron aramid from Teijin in the Netherlands, which is a world leader in the manufacturing of aramid fibers. This provides a ballistic helmet which is approved for NIJ 0106.01 level 3a. This allows the helmet to stop bullets from a .44 Magnum and .357 SIG. Further the helmet is V50 tested with 17 grains at 720 m/s against fragments and shrapnel’s according to STANAG2920 which is the NATO standard for ballistic materials. In addition the helmet is EN397 certified, which reduces the impact (shock absorption) of bullets in head and neck. We have applied a layer of Polyrea spray paint around the entire helmet, ensuring that your ballistic helmet can withstand rain, oil and similar liquids. This strengthens your ballistic helmet and allows it to last for many years without the painting or the ballistic properties fading. Ballistic helmet with many adjustment possibilities The Liner system inside the helmet consists of 7 Memory Foam Pads, which is our specially developed foam technology that not only makes the helmet comfortable to wear, but also so that the blunt force trauma from bullet impacts is reduced. The Memory Foam pads are attached with velcro and can easily be replaced with other suspension/padding systems.
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