BATAC - Operator Thermo socks Black

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Features: • Conventional thermo socks with an unusual excellent absorption of sweat and odors • They are pleasant to wear even in very cold weather • Cuff with a high elasticy provides proper hold on the foot, prevents shifting down of the socks inside the footwear and has positive effect on the blood circulation • Antibacterical effects are ensured by technology utilizing silver fiber in fabric structure. Broad spectrum of antibacterial effects: • Silver fiber remains in the fabric structure even after multiple washing - unlike in other expensive competing products • Sweat absorption, killing of bacteria and elimination of foot odors even after all day use • Prevents against mildew, mycosis and eczema • Non-toxic, non-irritating, cause no allergic reactions • Accelerate healing of wounds and scratches Fabric: 82% Cotton, 15% Polypropylene, 3% Elastane
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