Agilite - K-Zero RG

Agilite - K-Zero RG

Experience unparalleled comfort and functionality with the Agilite K-Zero RG Plate Carrier. Designed in collaboration with Israeli and US Special forces, this low-profile plate carrier solves common comfort issues found in other models. Equipped with Agilite's proprietary V design that evenly distributes weight across eight different suspension points to eliminate hot spots. It comes with a one-size-fits-all low profile cummerbund and strategically placed padding to provide unmatched comfort without being bulky. The K-Zero offers adaptability in the form of quick-release buckles or velcro flaps, internal and external mounting options and compatibility with any hook and loop based cummerbunds. With included cable management kit, arrange your cables and tubes exactly as you like for optimal convenience and efficiency. The K-Zero prepares you for any challenge, whether on the battlefield, in your community, or in your home.


Key Features:

  • Developed in collaboration with Israeli and US Special forces
  • Proprietary V design evenly distributes weight
  • Strategically placed padding for uncompromised comfort
  • Equipped with a one-size-fits-all low profile cummerbund
  • Offers adaptability with quick-release buckles or velcro flaps
  • Internal and external mounting options
  • Compatibility with any hook and loop based cummerbunds
  • Included cable management kit
  • Available in ranger green color.

Introducing the Agilite K-zero

A cutting-edge tactical gear that embodies the perfect fusion of durability and comfort. The Agilite K-Zero is meticulously designed to be your reliable companion in the most challenging environments, allowing you to focus on your mission with confidence.

  • Unmatched Durability: Crafted from 500D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon, the K Zero Agilite is engineered to endure harsh conditions without compromise.
  • Superior Hardware: Featuring proprietary Mil Spec components, the Agilite KZero guarantees longevity and performance in every stitch and buckle.
  • Ultimate Protection: Kevlar® Coated Neoprene in the Agilite K0 adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that you are shielded from potential threats while in action.
  • Effortless Customization: With laser-cut Squadron™ laminate and Velcro® MOLLE overlay panels, personalize your gear setup to meet the unique demands of your mission.
  • Supreme Comfort: The Agilite K-Zero is designed with integral closed-cell comfort foam, offering unparalleled comfort without sacrificing tactical functionality.
  • Light and Agile: Weighing just 1.74Lbs (0.79kg), the K Zero Agilite is your lightweight solution for heavy-duty operations.
  • Perfect Fit: Choose between Medium, fitting most plates including 10x12 and SAPI Medium or smaller, and Large, designed for SAPI Large plates or any large plates up to 10.30”x13.25”.

Choose the Agilite K0 for a tactical advantage that is as relentless and determined as you are. Trust in gear that moves with you and protects like no other—trust in Agilite K-Zero.

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