EARMOR - PTT Yaesu/Vertex


M51 PTT Military module for use with Earmor™ headsets and similar models.

Made of lightweight and durable polymer. Large button, easy to finf button.

Thanks to the robust steel clip, it is possible to mount module on a vest. Rubber inside the clip protects the gear from damaging.

Mini Jack socket allows for use the optional M50 Finger Push Botton.

Compatible Yaesu/Vertex Models and more radios that require a standard 3.5mm pin plug:
VX-10, VX-110, VX-130, VX-131, VX-132, VX-150, VX-160, VX-168, VX-180
VX-210, VX-210A, VX-228, VX-230, VX-231, VX-298, VX-300, VX-350, VX-351,
VX-354, VX-300, VX-350, VX-354, VX-400, VX-410, VX-418, VX-420, VX-428,
VX-429, VX-450, VXF-1, VXT-10, VXT-20
VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-5R
FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-50R, FT-60R

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