INVADER GEAR - Tactical Tee T-shirt OD

Invader Gear

Upgrade your wardrobe with the INVADER GEAR - Tactical Tee T-shirt in Black. This is not your average t-shirt. Designed for convenience and practicality, this modified version of the classic t-shirt comes with two functional pockets on each sleeve - perfect for carrying pens, notes, or even your survival kit. Additionally, the outside layer of the pockets features large hooks and loops panels, ideal for unit ID or morale patches.



Key Features:

  • Bundle of pockets - two pockets on each sleeve for carrying essential items
  • Robust construction - made from sturdy materials
  • Convenient - panels for unit ID or morale patches
  • Tactical design - gives the tee a unique, military-inspired look
  • Color - Black which is versatile and practical for various uses.
  • 80%cotton, 20%polyester


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