Tervel - underwear LVL1 Black

OPT 3101 Black


Introducing the Tervel - underwear LVL1 Black, a high-quality performance garment that ensures comfort and freshness, even during high-intensity activity. Made from a unique blend of 68% polyamide, 28% polypropelene, and 4% elastane, this product incorporates Prolen ® SILTEX seamless technology for optimal comfort and fit. You can stay fresh and odour-free with the advanced Silver ion AG+ antibacterial fiber and enjoy superb adaptability and enduring shape retention thanks to Lycra ® fiber.



Key Features:

  • 68% polyamide, 28% polypropelene, 4% elastane composition for ultimate comfort and durability
  • Utilizes Prolen ® SILTEX seamless technology for a perfect fit
  • Offers rapid evaporation of sweat, keeping you dry and at ease during intense workouts
  • Equipped with Silver ion AG+ antibacterial fiber that inhibits bacterial growth and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours
  • Incorporates Lycra ® fiber for excellent adaptability to your body shape and sustained fit, even after repeated washing
  • Comes in a sleek black colour, versatile for all your workout gear




Tervel Comfortline uses advanced technologies that combine the benefits of cotton with Thermo Active apparel. The new advanced PUSH & PULL technology, based on SUPPLEX fibres that absorb moisture from the skin, will keep you comfortably dry and warm. The QUICK-DRY function, which features a special combination of three fibres, dries the garment faster than with other technologies. Tervel Comfortline guarantees comfort and functionality in all weather conditions all year round.

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